How AJM Esq. Works

The dispute you’re facing is challenging, even daunting, but your resources are limited. Your case demands the attention, skill, and most of all, the judgment that comes with years of experience in the trenches. You are not interested in feathering nests, paying to train inexperienced associates, or for law library pocket parts, pensions or marble lobbies.  You have come to the right place.


new-york-appellate-div-statuteTwo decades of sophisticated commercial practice translates into the knowledge and judgment necessary to gauge the strategies and resources needed to successfully litigate class actions, antitrust claims, contract disputes, consumer protection act claims, and a wide range of other disputes. Most law firms whose top lawyers approach this level of experience maintain impressively large offices and staffs. But these firms come with commensurately large fixed expenses and legacy costs—overhead that needs to be passed on to the client. The law office of Andrew J. McGuinness, Esq., operates in a leaner, more efficient fashion—a business model that matches the environment in which business clients have been increasingly forced to operate in recent years.

Flexible Approach

How can a boutique practice handle a complex matter?  Through a flexible approach fitted to each case and client demand:

  • We frequently work in concert with a client’s primary outside counsel, teaming with the partners, associates, and litigation support professionals necessary to meet the client’s need in a given matter. Under this arrangement, the client leverages an existing relationship and associated resources while bringing in a key, high-level resource at an attractive rate;
  • We have relationships with top-drawer litigators to work on matters on a contract basis.  These litigators are not employees or partners of AJM, Esq.; accordingly, there is no associated overhead or pressure to have them bill hours to meet any threshold. Instead they are retained and supervised by Mr. McGuinness, on an as-needed basis; your bill will reflect their services at rates communicated beforehand. Two of the attorneys brought in on an ad hoc basis are also magna cum laude graduates of the University of Michigan Law School who have clerked for prominent federal appellate judges.  In addition to online content, these attorneys and Mr. McGuinness have access to the extensive resources of one of the world’s greatest and most complete law libraries at the University. You truly benefit from “top class law” with Andrew J. McGuinness, Esq. (hence our website:  “”).
  • By using carefully-selected contract lawyers, we have the flexibility to assign tasks to the least expensive person suited to perform them (e.g., document review or basic legal research)—but without the cost of training inexperienced junior attorneys.  Moreover, major components of complex commercial lawsuits are often most cost-effectively handled by outside vendors regardless of law firm size (e.g., electronic discovery; class action administration).
  • Mr. McGuinness has supervised litigation associates for many years. In cases where he is assigned a lead or co-lead role, he has the experience efficiently to make assignments to associates at other outside firms.
  • Mr. McGuinness has served as local counsel with varying degrees of responsibility on matters handled by out-of-state counsel who require a strong advocate and presence for significant litigation in Michigan.


ip450Mr. McGuinness’ extensive experience handling complex commercial disputes positions him to provide clients with the critical legal services they need in the most efficient way possible. His clients pay for his expertise, not extra overhead. Andrew J. McGuinness, Esq., makes effective use of the latest technology to communicate with clients and co-counsel to maximize efficiency, so that superior work is produced more quickly and at a lower cost.

If you have any questions about how we work please do not hesitate to call or write.