Antitrust – From his law review note on antitrust injury to recent litigation concerning allegations of per-se violations of Sherman Act § 1 by oil and gas exploration companies, antitrust litigation has been a focus of Mr. McGuinness’ legal interests for over 20 years … read more about Drew’s Antitrust experience

Class Actions – Mr. McGuinness is one of the top class action practitioners in the United States.  He was formerly head of the Class Action Defense Team at a major Midwestern-based law firm, and has also served as class counsel in select consumer class actions … read more about Drew’s Class Action experience

Commercial Litigation – Andrew J. McGuinness, Esq., offers a broad range of complex commercial litigation services … read more about Drew’s Commercial Litigation experience

Trials & Appellate Work – Mr. McGuinness is an experienced trial attorney who understands the importance of preparing the case to be trial ready, regardless of whether the case is ever tried to completion … read more about Drew’s Trials & Appellate Work