Drew’s upcoming conference presentations.

I’ll be moderating a panel on the topic of “ascertainability” as a requirement in class actions in San Francisco on February 22, 2019, as part of the Impact Fund Class Action Conference. This somewhat dry (but important) topic has generated various approaches among the federal and state appellate courts that have wrestled with it. I’m pleased to have Prof. Robert Klonoff, of the Lewis & Clark Law School; Leslie Bruekner, of Public Justice; and Jennie Lee Anderson, of Andrus & Anderson LLP, on my panel.

The Impact Fund, https://www.impactfund.org/, is a non-profit organization that provides funding, training, and expertise to support impact litigation (frequently class actions) in the areas of civil rights, environmental justice, and poverty law. They recently supported a Michigan class action on behalf of low-income Detroit homeowners who were being foreclosed upon for taxes that they legally could have been exempt from paying. 

On May 2, 2019, I’ll be presenting at the ABA Section of Litigation Annual Conference (SAC) in New York City, as part of a panel discussing class actions and solo/small firm lawyers. I co-authored an article on this topic a few years ago for the ABA. Because the SAC is being held in conjunction with the GP/Solo Section, this is a perfect opportunity to revisit this topic. (And NYC is nice in May, too!)