Oregon Consumer Class Action Verdict Against BP Petroleum Demonstrates Importance of Consumer Class Actions.

  • Myth: Class actions never go to trial. For just one example of the fact that they do, see here;
  • Myth: The lawyers get all the money; consumer get a pittance. See above link to debunk this one; and
  • Myth: Class actions don’t actually advance consumer interests. Again, see the above link. It describes how an new consumer protection advocacy non-profit organization will be set up in Oregon, under court supervision, under the doctrine of cy pres, whereby the recovery allocated to the small percentage of class members who could not be located will be used for that purpose.

In truth, these are not so much “myths” as they are deliberate mistruths advanced by business interests that would much prefer not to be held accountable in the court system. The real myth is that arbitrations are almost ever more efficient or effective that the civil justice system.